My Step by Step Design Process

Having a design process is key to being organized when you have a project. You need to know what you have to accomplish in the project, and the steps you have to take to do it. This is my step by step design process.

Step 1: Find Problem Point

You can improve a website without finding the issues! See what could be worked on, and check to see if anything is broken.

Step 2: Take Info from the Client

A key point in my web design process is to have input from the client on what more they would like for their website. Some clients will give you an exact area that they want you to work on, while other may be more arbitrary. The important thing is to have an area that you can improve.

Step 3: Think of Ideas to Improve that Part of the Website

Before you start making changes you need to have an idea of what you are going to do. For example, if a client says their home page is to crowded with info, don’t just start deleting stuff, think about what you can delete without losing value, or think about what can be moved to a separate webpage.

Step 4: Start Making Changes!

Now that you know what you have to do, do it! Now you can start deleting stuff from the homepage and putting it on different pages. Now you can start to fix the contact form.

Step 5: Present to Client

Show all the changes you have made to your client. See what they think of it and gather any feedback that they might give you.

Step 6: Make Revisions

Now that you have gotten feedback from your client, improve the website according to what they specified. I would suggest to keep repeating step 5 and 6 until your client is happy. Your main goal is to try to repeat step 5 and 6 as little as possible, so make sure to fully understand your client’s needs.


That is my full step by step design process! I really hope this process helped you and you learnt something from it! Make sure to check out my other blog post on 7 SEO tips for beginners!

If you would like me to build you a website free of charge be sure to email me at [email protected]!

10 Digital Marketing Videos to Help Grow your Business

  1. What Is Digital Marketing? And How Does It Work? (2020)

This video gives an overview about what digital marketing is. It is very simple and will give a good intro to digital marketing so that you will understand the other videos. When you are done watching this video you will have a clear understanding on what digital marketing is.

2. 5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master for 2020 & Beyond

This video talks all about new skills that you have to learn in Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing strategies change a lot, but these are skills that will benefit you for the long term.

3. A Complete 2020 Marketing Strategy That Requires No Budget | Digital Agency Expo Keynote

This video is a more in-depth video on marketing. It talks about how to start a business when you have nothing to landing high-paying clients.

4. The Key to Building An Online Audience

This one talks about how you can build your audience online. In my last blog post I was writing about YouTube marketing and how to grow your business with that. This will also help you in that space as well.

5. Overcome Fears, Insecurity, Feeling Overwhelmed & Start Posting on Social Media

This video will also help you with blogging and creating YouTube content. Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of growing a business, so getting over your insecurities are very important.

6. How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2020 (You’re Not Going to Like It)

This video is highly informative and will tell a lot about how digital marketing is constantly changing and how it will continue to change. I would suggest to watch this if you are trying to understand digital marketing trends.

If you would like me to help grow you business please visit the services page and email me at [email protected]

Content Marketing

7. The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing in 2002 | Neil Patel

This video gives an explanation on what content marketing is and how to get started with it. This video will give you context for the next video.

If you are looking to get more clients and customers check out my services page and email me at [email protected]

8. Content Marketing is Changing- This is where it is Heading in 2020

This video talks about content marketing, which is the best way to grow your business with digital marketing. This will tell you about the trend in content marketing and how to stay updated so that your content will continue to be found.

If you need any help increasing traffic to your website check out the services page and contact me at [email protected]

9. Content Marketing Part 1 – SEO Unlocked – Free SEO Course with Neil Patel

This is a video to help you get familiar and get started with content marketing. I strongly advise to do what Neil is saying in this video and don’t just watch it and move on. The points that Neil talks about in this video are very strong and it will benefit you a lot if you follow them.

10. On-page and technical SEO Part 1 – SEO Unlocked – Free SEO Course with Neil Patel

It doesn’t matter if you write lots of great content but none of it is found! In this video Neil explains how to improve SEO for you blog posts so that you can have more eyeballs .


After reading this and watching some of the videos I hope you have a better understanding of digital marketing. Let me know in the comments which video was your favorite. Also feel free to suggest other videos that you think are helpful so we can all spread our knowledge!

Why YouTube is Extremely Powerful for Digital Marketing

Many businesses have ignored YouTube marketing for a long time. I think that YouTube is a great platform to connect with your potential prospects.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, and has 1.3 billions users. Most businesses focus on other social media platforms, and don’t realize that YouTube can bring a lot of new eyeballs to their businesses.

It is very easy to get started on YouTube. Many people think that you need a expensive equipment, but this isn’t true. You can use your smartphone camera and a $20 microphone to start making videos

To start to get paying customers from YouTube there is one main strategy that will help you achieve this. This strategy is to give many pieces of free educational content that gives value to your audience, before you try to sell them something.

I think that most of us would agree that trust is one of the key factors of doing business. If you build an audience and provide value to them they will trust you. Once you get their trust you can direct them to your business. Since they already know of all the value that you provide in your videos they are more likely to buy from you.

Building an Audience on YouTube

One of the best ways to gain an audience on your YouTube channel is to focus your channel on one main topic. If you do this people will more consistently watch your YouTube channel.

Now that YouTube is such a busy platform it is important to stand out so that you can get noticed. An important tip to stand out is to provide original quality content. You should never copy someones content. The reason that you shouldn’t do this is because they most likely have a bigger audience than you, so when people look for that topic they will see their video and not yours.

A powerful way to get your audience to trust you and to come back for more is to interact with them. Reply to their comments and make sure to answer any questions they have. This will make them feel like they are interacting with you more than just watching you behind the camera.

Form your identity on YouTube. You want to make sure that people will recognize you when they see your channel. A great way to build your identity is to add a logo and a channel banner.

A great way to increase your following, not only on YouTube but on other platforms as well, is to promote your channel on other social media platforms. This will also help you strengthen your identity and get more eyeballs.

A key to getting YouTube to recommend your videos to potential viewers is to upload consistently. Uploading once a week will provide your viewers with a good amount of content and will also let YouTube know that you are active. It will hurt your channel if you randomly upload and don’t follow any consistency.


I hope that after reading this you have got some great ideas to start growing your business with YouTube! Please comment any questions that you have down below and I will try to answer them as quickly as I can. Happy recording!

7 on Page SEO Tips for Beginners [2020]

In this post I will be teaching you the 7 best tips for on-page SEO. I’ll be covering everything from keywords to technical details.

Tip 1: Keywords

One of the most important techniques in SEO is choosing a focus keyword. You want to base all your content around this keyword and include in multiple times in the content. You can use tools such as Ubersuggest and Keywords Everywhere to do the needed in-depth research on what keywords you are going to choose.

Tip 2: Response Time

Did you know that 53% of mobile users give up on web-pages that don’t load in 3 seconds. There are many online tools you can use to analyze your web-pages so that you can see how fast they are loading, and what you can do to help them load faster. A few tips to help them load faster is to use lower file size images by converting them into jpg files. Also if there are times where images are unnecessary make sure to remove them.

Tip 3: Yoast SEO (WP only)

Yoast SEO is a very valuable SEO plugin for WP. You can use this plugin to manage your meta-data descriptions, titles, and you can input your focus keyphrase and it will give you insights. It does a lot of in depth analysis of your web-pages. I personally use this plugin and I think it could benefit you as well.

Tip 4: Configure the URL Slug

The URL Slug is the part of the URL after the domain name separated by a /. For example the URL Slug for this blog post is seven-seo-tips. You want to make sure that yours is short and memorable so people can easily access it.

Tip 5: Link to other trusted sites

If you link to other sites with good domain authority and page authority Google will rank you higher. Linking to .gov, .edu, and other trusted domains will help your SEO so that you can rank higher and gain more authority with Google.

Tip 6: Think about what a user would search

You need to think about what the search query that you want your web-page to rank for is. You need to think about how you can incorporate that into your content so that Google knows that your web-page will answer the users question.

Tip 7: Continue to Make Content

Many people will make a lot of content all at once and then burn out. When you first start your site is a good idea to write a lot of content, but don’t burn yourself out. Keep some ideas for the future. If Google sees that you haven’t updated you website with new content for months, you will start to lose authority.


Now that you have learn the seven most important techniques for on-page SEO,

Which ones are you going to use?

10 Point SEO Checklist For Small Businesses [2020]

  1. Get your website registered with the Google Search Console. It is important to do this step so you can have data and analytics about your website being collected. Go to this site;, and follow the steps to register your site.
  2. If you are using WP download the Yoast SEO plugin. With Yoast you can change your url slugs, metadata, and titles. The reason why you want to do this is so that when people search in google, they will get a relevant description for your site.
  3. Download the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension. Keywords Everywhere is a paid tool, but is very cheap (10 dollars for 100,000 Keywords). Whenever you search with Google, it will give you search volume and CPC. This can help you to figure out what keywords to focus on when writing content.
  4. Write high-quality content using first 3 points. Now you have to actually write the content. You have found your Keywords, you have Yoast, and you are set up to collect data. When you are writing content you need to focus on one keyword. You can analyze this keyword using the Yoast SEO plugin. Make sure that your content is high-quality and is valuable to your audience.
  5. Test to make sure that your website looks correct on all devices. The way that you can make sure that everything looks correct on other devices is by resizing your window in chrome. See what happens to menus. Do they become hamburger style or not?
  6. Use Yoast SEO to help you create good titles and descriptions for your posts. If you scroll down to the end of your post from the page where you create it, you can see the Yoast SEO Plugin. Here you want to customize your meta description. Here you can also see the preview.
  7. Use Yoast SEO to customize you url slugs. You can do this in the place where it says url slug. The reason why you want to customize this is so that it is short and human readable.
  8. Add keywords throughout your post. You will want to make sure that you include your focus keyword anywhere you can throughout your post. This will boost your SEO with Google
  9. Link to other sites. You want to link to high authority sites. Google values this and will give you more authority too.
  10. Add links to your other posts. Here you can go ahead and link to older posts that you have made. Make sure that you are linking to relevant posts and you can start to get even more traffic on older posts as well!

Good job! Now you have finished with your SEO checklist you can start collecting more traffic to your website. To learn how to create a website click here.

SEO For Beginners [2020]

In this SEO guide for beginners you will learn all the basics of SEO so you can start optimizing your website.


To get the most value from this article I suggest that you implement all of the important SEO skills I am going to teach you. This guide will cover all areas of SEO, from optimizing your pages to adding technical features to your website. This guide is for complete beginners who have zero experience with SEO, but will also be helpful for people who are already somewhat familiar with SEO but want to learn more. The world of SEO changes as technology evolves, but having the knowledge of what it is and how to implement it is crucial. It is very easy to learn SEO, you just have to put in some time.

Make sure that you practice all the techniques that I will be teaching you in this guide.


In this section we will learn all the basics of SEO, including what it is and why it is important

I am so happy that you are reading this! This means that you are on your way to becoming an SEO master. I would suggest that you don’t skip over anything and you read carefully, just so you don’t miss any important information. This guide will help you understand the fundamentals of SEO as you start to learn more


SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization means optimizing your website or web-page to come high in the search rankings. SEO is a key part of growing a small business.

I think that SEO is valuable because without SEO nobody would visit your site, and if no one visits your site, how are you going to get clients? I think that as a business owner you should be familiar with SEO so that your business can be successful.


So what even is the Google Search Console anyways? Well, the Google Search Console is a very useful tool to monitor how your website is doing SEO-wise. The first step is to go to this site. After you go here create an account with the google search console and go ahead and get verified. If you are confused on how to do this I suggest you watch google’s guide on how to do that.

After you have gotten set up I suggest that you just take a look around the dashboard. For now there isn’t any data, but give it a few weeks to process and you will start to see data. If you are a little confused on what all of this means, it is okay. It is just very important that you get this set up so that it can be collecting data, and you can come back to that later.


Keywords are word that help you rank higher in the google search results. Keywords are basically the topic of your content. For example the keyword for this post is SEO for beginners.

The formula for finding the perfect keyword is to use either of these tools; Keywords Everywhere or Ubersuggest. Using either one you can search for a keyword. You want to find a keyword that has low search volume, and doesn’t have many websites ranking for it, but you also want to make sure many people search for it as well. A tip for doing this is to search for long-tail keywords. These are very specific phrases. For example it will be easy to ranks for digital marketing free course for beginners 2020, than for digital marketing. Once you have found a keyword I would suggest to make a post out of it. Include the keyword in many places throughout your post. Another way to get your post to the top is to link to established websites throughout your post


Back-links are a key way to gain authority so google puts you high on the search rankings. Back-links are when a website links to your site or post. The best way to get back-links, is to follow the other tips so that other sites will also find your posts to back-link to.

The specific type of back-link that you want to get is a “do follow” back-link. A “do follow” back-link will help you get authority on Google and will help you with SEO. A “no follow” back-link however, can direct traffic to your site but won’t help you with SEO. The reason that Google has made this system is to avoid hacking the system by spamming a lot of links to your post on social media.

If you use a chrome extension called the MozToolBar, you can see how much authority a website has on google. You can also see how many backlinks a website has with the Moz Toolbar.


Now that you have done a lot of learning about SEO I suggest you start to use what you learnt. Follow the tips I provide in this post. When you follow these tips your website may take some time to rank in google, but it all depends on how much time and energy you spend on this.

One tip for execution is to use to Yoast SEO WP plugin. This plugin will allow you to customize you titles, metadata (aka the description you see for sites and posts on google) and your url slug (the part of the url after the website name).


Now you have learnt all a beginner needs to know about SEO. Once you start to get good with SEO you will have your pages rank in google in no time! I would suggest to come back to this guide whenever you need help to SEO so that you can get some guidance. Also I would suggest to share this with anyone who may find this useful.

I hope that you found this guide useful, and now you are on your way to getting more visitors to your site!

How You Can Get a Website Setup For Your Business in Under an Hour from the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Building a website that converts visitors into customers or clients is one of the biggest challenges about digital marketing. You need traffic, forms, ads and more. This guide will show you how to set up a very basic website using WordPress.

  1. Go to

Go ahead and look around on their website. Read about them. You will be building your website using WordPress so gather some information

2. Buy Whichever Hosting Plan Fits Your Needs

You need to go to This is what you will be using for you web hosting. Web hosting is basically paying for a little chunk of data in the internet, where you can setup your website. Go ahead and sign up for an account with Bluehost. After you finished doing that check out all the hosting plans. For most people the basic plan will be fine, but if you are planning to make websites for clients, you can go with Plus or Choice Plus. New business won’t need Pro.

3. Choose a Domain Name

A domain name is the address that you type into your web browser when you want to go to a website. And example is mine, I suggest that you should try to get one which is your business name followed by .com, but .co is also popular for newer businesses. Now the foundation is setup!

4. Choose a Theme

You can choose one of the free themes that come with WordPress, or you can buy a premium theme. If you are looking to buy a premium theme my favorite theme shop is If you are going to get a premium theme, I suggest you look up a tutorial on how to import that to WordPress, because that process is too long for me to talk about here.

5. Create Content

The first and most basic way to create content is to create a post. On the left sidebar you will see a tab saying post. Click on that, then click add new. Now WordPress will teach you how to create a post. The second way to create content is to create pages. An example are the pages I have on this website, such as services, a bit about me, etc. I will take to long for me to explain the full process here so I would suggest to look up a tutorial

6. Install Plugins

Since you are using WordPress you have an amazing feature called plugins. They are kind of like chrome extensions. You can install them on your site to gain extra features. There are many plugins such as ones for email marketing, or for more customization.

7. Publish

Now it is time for you make all your hard work public! You can go ahead and publish your post and your pages if you haven’t already. I would suggest to keep on working on creating more posts and pages as your website grows.

And there you go. Now you have created a website for your business. The website you have created is very basic, and doesn’t have much too it, and you will have to do a lot more work in the future, this was just the basic setup. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to make your own website and you want a full custom website made just for your business, please contact me at [email protected]! Click here to get all the latest digital marketing insights that will help your business grow.

Do You Want to Build a Business? Read This Guide First.

The first step to building a business is to do research. See the demand for the business niche that you want to build. See if it has the potential to be a successful business.

The second step is to organize your thoughts. What exactly is your business going to be about? What are you value are you going to give to your customer? How are you going to give that value to your customer? Do you know enough about your niche to start a business, or do you need to take a step back and learn some more?

The third step is to think about how much time and money you are going to invest in this business. Is it just going to be a side gig? Are you willing to put in some money to your business? How much potential do you think it has?

The fourth step is to figure out how you are going to manage your business. Are you going to do it alone? Maybe you should think about having a business partner.

The fifth step is to choose a name. Choose something that is short and easy to remember, but still describes your business. For example, Supply Digital. Supply Digital is short and very easy to remember since they are words straight out English. Be very strategic when coming up with a name

The sixth step is to create a website. Once you have a website made you can start your journey of getting clients. A website is a very good foundation to have for any business, and it doesn’t cost a fortune to get up and running. Email me now at [email protected] to get a professional website made for your business!

This is the most basic roadmap of how to start your own business. There is much more to this, but this is just a general outline. After you finish this I suggest that you decide what path you want to go in. What do you want for the future of you business?

Fill out this form to get all the new insights about digital marketing! I hope that this roadmap helps you get your business up and running!

Are You Making These 3 Common Video Marketing Mistakes?

  1. Having Way To Long Videos

Many people put everything about their business in their video, not really paying attention to the length. Just because you make your video longer doesn’t mean viewers are going to stick around to the end. The optimal video length should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long. If you go longer you will start to lost viewers.

2. Explaining Everything in Far Too Much Detail

With video marketing you don’t need to talk about everything little thing about your business. You just need to get the main points across to your viewers. Try to condense all your ideas down in to one or two main ideas.

3. Having Inconclusive Endings

Many people just end their video very abruptly. I suggest to promote your website at the end of the video. This will let viewers know where they can find out more about the content that you have in your video.

Email me now at [email protected] to get a professional video made for your business!

Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images For Your Content Marketing


Unsplash has photos for everything. The content marketing images that are listed in Unsplash are high quality and very relevant. They also have a very wide selection of images so there are many that will fit your needs. Unsplash is an easy way to get free images for your content marketing.


With Pixabay you will have to do a little more looking then Unsplash to find content marketing images. Almost all the images are free so no need to worry about that. You are free to use them for any content marketing. They are also very high quality.


Some of the images on Pexels are the best of all of these sites. All the images are downloadable and you can use them for anything. They are very useful for content marketing.


You never have to credit the author for pictures you use from PicJumbo. There are many new photos that get uploaded, and it is very easy to find the pictures that you are looking for. They have high quality images for a variety of subjects.


There is a large quantity of high quality images on flickr. It is very easy to pick images that you would like to use for your business. With flickr you can find may pictures in your topic. Since they are downloadable you can easy edit them with any software. You don’t even have to credit the author for pictures that you use. You can become a member, which will give you even more use out of the platform.


All the photos are downloadable. There are more abstract images that specific ones for a specific topic. You do not need to create an account.


On this website it is a good practice to credit authors, but you aren’t required to. All the pictures are high quality and can be used for a variety of things. There are many categories that you can choose from. The images are very good for use in many different circumstances.


Many of the pictures aren’t royalty free. It is very useful for finding images for a category though. Picsearch has many photos uploaded to it.


There is a wide variety of free pictures. There are some restrictions on the photos though. BlogPhoto has many other useful tools too, it isn’t just for finding images. They offer many tools to help grow your digital business. There is a good community surrounding the site.


All the images are taken very nicely, and they are all free. Sometimes it can be hard to find an image that you like. The pictures aren’t organized very good. It will take a long time to find the perfect picture for your needs. You don’t have to credit the author.