This website was created for a pharmaceutical analytics company by myself using Wix. They wanted their website redesigned and some technical errors corrected. 

“Aatif did a wonderful job for us. He made a corporate video, improved our website and created email marketing content with landing pages, his work was outstanding and was delivered on time. I would highly recommend Supply Digital and will continue to use their services in the future” – Zilluminate

This website was created for an M&A analytics company by myself using WordPress. They wanted a nicely designed custom corporate website which I was able to complete using wordpress with a couple plugins

“Aatif did an excellent job on our site – he was diligent, fast and communicated well throughout the process. We highly recommend his services.” – Jasco Partners

This website was created for a clinical genetics consulting company by myself using Squarespace. The client wanted a booking system integrated with an EMR, which I was able to within a couple weeks since this required custom programming. 

“Aatif was extremely responsive, detail oriented and worked hard on my website.  He took in all my requests and made creative suggestions as well to make the website what it is today, a representation of myself and my work.  I highly recommend him!.” – CommonWealth Clinical Genetics

This robot was created using Arduino. It was made to be self balancing using a gyro sensor and stepper motors, so that it would make many small adjustments every moment to stand by itself and move with stability. 

Pictures (top to bottom): wiring schematic, initial and final design

This project is a car that moves only with the mechanism of a rubber band. It starts accelerating with the winding of the rubber band. 

Picture of the final rubber band car after designing and building. We had difficulties with the building process because it was flimsy but eventually we got it to where it was stable and secure.

This project involved making a pet feeder that dispenses food at the correct time. It was made using an Arduino Uno and 1 Servo Motor

Pictures (top to bottom): final build, design