Aatif Dawawala



DALLAS                                                                             TX

About Me

Engineering Vision

Work Experience

My name is Aatif Dawawala. I am from Dallas, TX. I love playing instruments, hacking, and solving problems with code. Good time management skills because of school experience. I am able to creatively solve problems encountered throughout projects/design process.

My engineering vision is to solve problems using innovation and science. I strive to serve my clients by making effective solutions and refining them based on the changing needs of the project.

I have worked on a website using Wix, Squarespace, and multiple using WordPress. 


Blalack Middle School

Principles of Applied Engineering

August-2019 – May-2022

Soft Skills

Problem solving

Communication skills

Team working/collaboration skills

Hard Skills

Web development


Penetration Testing

Creating designs for engineering

Engineering with Arduinos

Technical drawing

Reverse Engineer



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