Are You Making These 3 Common Video Marketing Mistakes?

  1. Having Way To Long Videos

Many people put everything about their business in their video, not really paying attention to the length. Just because you make your video longer doesn’t mean viewers are going to stick around to the end. The optimal video length should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long. If you go longer you will start to lost viewers.

2. Explaining Everything in Far Too Much Detail

With video marketing you don’t need to talk about everything little thing about your business. You just need to get the main points across to your viewers. Try to condense all your ideas down in to one or two main ideas.

3. Having Inconclusive Endings

Many people just end their video very abruptly. I suggest to promote your website at the end of the video. This will let viewers know where they can find out more about the content that you have in your video.

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