My Step by Step Design Process

Having a design process is key to being organized when you have a project. You need to know what you have to accomplish in the project, and the steps you have to take to do it. This is my step by step design process.

Step 1: Find Problem Point

You can improve a website without finding the issues! See what could be worked on, and check to see if anything is broken.

Step 2: Take Info from the Client

A key point in my web design process is to have input from the client on what more they would like for their website. Some clients will give you an exact area that they want you to work on, while other may be more arbitrary. The important thing is to have an area that you can improve.

Step 3: Think of Ideas to Improve that Part of the Website

Before you start making changes you need to have an idea of what you are going to do. For example, if a client says their home page is to crowded with info, don’t just start deleting stuff, think about what you can delete without losing value, or think about what can be moved to a separate webpage.

Step 4: Start Making Changes!

Now that you know what you have to do, do it! Now you can start deleting stuff from the homepage and putting it on different pages. Now you can start to fix the contact form.

Step 5: Present to Client

Show all the changes you have made to your client. See what they think of it and gather any feedback that they might give you.

Step 6: Make Revisions

Now that you have gotten feedback from your client, improve the website according to what they specified. I would suggest to keep repeating step 5 and 6 until your client is happy. Your main goal is to try to repeat step 5 and 6 as little as possible, so make sure to fully understand your client’s needs.


That is my full step by step design process! I really hope this process helped you and you learnt something from it! Make sure to check out my other blog post on 7 SEO tips for beginners!