SEO For Beginners [2020]

In this SEO guide for beginners you will learn all the basics of SEO so you can start optimizing your website.


To get the most value from this article I suggest that you implement all of the important SEO skills I am going to teach you. This guide will cover all areas of SEO, from optimizing your pages to adding technical features to your website. This guide is for complete beginners who have zero experience with SEO, but will also be helpful for people who are already somewhat familiar with SEO but want to learn more. The world of SEO changes as technology evolves, but having the knowledge of what it is and how to implement it is crucial. It is very easy to learn SEO, you just have to put in some time.

Make sure that you practice all the techniques that I will be teaching you in this guide.


In this section we will learn all the basics of SEO, including what it is and why it is important

I am so happy that you are reading this! This means that you are on your way to becoming an SEO master. I would suggest that you don’t skip over anything and you read carefully, just so you don’t miss any important information. This guide will help you understand the fundamentals of SEO as you start to learn more


SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization means optimizing your website or web-page to come high in the search rankings. SEO is a key part of growing a small business.

I think that SEO is valuable because without SEO nobody would visit your site, and if no one visits your site, how are you going to get clients? I think that as a business owner you should be familiar with SEO so that your business can be successful.


So what even is the Google Search Console anyways? Well, the Google Search Console is a very useful tool to monitor how your website is doing SEO-wise. The first step is to go to this site. After you go here create an account with the google search console and go ahead and get verified. If you are confused on how to do this I suggest you watch google’s guide on how to do that.

After you have gotten set up I suggest that you just take a look around the dashboard. For now there isn’t any data, but give it a few weeks to process and you will start to see data. If you are a little confused on what all of this means, it is okay. It is just very important that you get this set up so that it can be collecting data, and you can come back to that later.


Keywords are word that help you rank higher in the google search results. Keywords are basically the topic of your content. For example the keyword for this post is SEO for beginners.

The formula for finding the perfect keyword is to use either of these tools; Keywords Everywhere or Ubersuggest. Using either one you can search for a keyword. You want to find a keyword that has low search volume, and doesn’t have many websites ranking for it, but you also want to make sure many people search for it as well. A tip for doing this is to search for long-tail keywords. These are very specific phrases. For example it will be easy to ranks for digital marketing free course for beginners 2020, than for digital marketing. Once you have found a keyword I would suggest to make a post out of it. Include the keyword in many places throughout your post. Another way to get your post to the top is to link to established websites throughout your post


Back-links are a key way to gain authority so google puts you high on the search rankings. Back-links are when a website links to your site or post. The best way to get back-links, is to follow the other tips so that other sites will also find your posts to back-link to.

The specific type of back-link that you want to get is a “do follow” back-link. A “do follow” back-link will help you get authority on Google and will help you with SEO. A “no follow” back-link however, can direct traffic to your site but won’t help you with SEO. The reason that Google has made this system is to avoid hacking the system by spamming a lot of links to your post on social media.

If you use a chrome extension called the MozToolBar, you can see how much authority a website has on google. You can also see how many backlinks a website has with the Moz Toolbar.


Now that you have done a lot of learning about SEO I suggest you start to use what you learnt. Follow the tips I provide in this post. When you follow these tips your website may take some time to rank in google, but it all depends on how much time and energy you spend on this.

One tip for execution is to use to Yoast SEO WP plugin. This plugin will allow you to customize you titles, metadata (aka the description you see for sites and posts on google) and your url slug (the part of the url after the website name).


Now you have learnt all a beginner needs to know about SEO. Once you start to get good with SEO you will have your pages rank in google in no time! I would suggest to come back to this guide whenever you need help to SEO so that you can get some guidance. Also I would suggest to share this with anyone who may find this useful.

I hope that you found this guide useful, and now you are on your way to getting more visitors to your site!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge once again

    “Optimized meta descriptions will never be cut off and end with “…” or seem like they end mid-sentence.”

    We have configured them correctly and are even using the NOODP tag. For some of our websites the meta descriptions are shown, but for some Google still wont use the meta description that we have configured and instead takes some other test from the website that results in an meta descriptions that ends with “……”

    Do you know why Google is not using our description but makes one up themself?

    1. aatif.dawawala

      Hey Reena,
      Sometimes Google takes a couple weeks to update their meta-descriptions. Also make sure that you have saved your meta-description. I suggest to make sure that everything is formatted correctly.

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