10 Point SEO Checklist For Small Businesses [2020]

  1. Get your website registered with the Google Search Console. It is important to do this step so you can have data and analytics about your website being collected. Go to this site; https://search.google.com/search-console/about, and follow the steps to register your site.
  2. If you are using WP download the Yoast SEO plugin. With Yoast you can change your url slugs, metadata, and titles. The reason why you want to do this is so that when people search in google, they will get a relevant description for your site.
  3. Download the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension. Keywords Everywhere is a paid tool, but is very cheap (10 dollars for 100,000 Keywords). Whenever you search with Google, it will give you search volume and CPC. This can help you to figure out what keywords to focus on when writing content.
  4. Write high-quality content using first 3 points. Now you have to actually write the content. You have found your Keywords, you have Yoast, and you are set up to collect data. When you are writing content you need to focus on one keyword. You can analyze this keyword using the Yoast SEO plugin. Make sure that your content is high-quality and is valuable to your audience.
  5. Test to make sure that your website looks correct on all devices. The way that you can make sure that everything looks correct on other devices is by resizing your window in chrome. See what happens to menus. Do they become hamburger style or not?
  6. Use Yoast SEO to help you create good titles and descriptions for your posts. If you scroll down to the end of your post from the page where you create it, you can see the Yoast SEO Plugin. Here you want to customize your meta description. Here you can also see the preview.
  7. Use Yoast SEO to customize you url slugs. You can do this in the place where it says url slug. The reason why you want to customize this is so that it is short and human readable.
  8. Add keywords throughout your post. You will want to make sure that you include your focus keyword anywhere you can throughout your post. This will boost your SEO with Google
  9. Link to other sites. You want to link to high authority sites. Google values this and will give you more authority too.
  10. Add links to your other posts. Here you can go ahead and link to older posts that you have made. Make sure that you are linking to relevant posts and you can start to get even more traffic on older posts as well!

Good job! Now you have finished with your SEO checklist you can start collecting more traffic to your website. To learn how to create a website click here.